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X-Wing: 2nd Ed. TIE / FO (engl.)

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Terror Evolved

Although it may be a separate entity, the First Order has taken several cues directly from the former Empire. One of the most evident is the use of a new generation of the iconic TIE fighter. Developed using technologies pioneered for the Empire’s TIE Advanced program, the TIE/fo fighter is a shielded, mass-produced TIE fighter that the First Order can use to spread terror across the galaxy.

The addition of shields isn’t the only improvement made to the TIE design. TIE/fo fighters also boast the ability to acquire locks, giving their pilots the opportunity to reroll their attack dice for even more potent attacks. Some TIE/fo pilots go beyond this, using their target locks in new and creative ways. An ace like "Midnight,"  for example, prevents enemy ships that he has locked from modifying their dice while he defends or performs a primary attack against them.

Even with these refinements, TIE/fo fighters remain similar to their predecessors in that they are ideally suited for flying in large groups. A TIE/fo pilot such as "Muse"  supports her wingmates by helping them remove stress before they engage with enemy ships. Abilities like this one can certainly help TIE/fo pilots bring the fight to any enemy, but sometimes belief can be even more powerful than skill. Nearly all TIE/fo pilots can display a Fanatical devotion to the cause, pressing the attack even when they are at their most vulnerable.     

The TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack includes one fully assembled and beautifully painted miniature and all the ship cards, upgrade cards, and tokens you need to add one of these frightening fighters to your First Order squadrons. All the cards and punchboard included in the TIE/fo Fighter Expasion Pack will also be present in the First Order Conversion Kit for the benefit of veteran players. We’ll take a closer look at the contents of this expansion pack in a future preview! 

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