Gamegenic - Squire 100+ (XL) Convertible

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    The Gamegenic - Squire 100+ Convertible is a compact and efficient storage solution designed for the avid card game player. It has the capacity to securely hold over 100 sleeved cards, making it ideal for storing single decks that are essential for tournament play or casual gaming sessions. The Squire 100+ Convertible stands out for its innovative convertible feature, allowing users to easily access their cards through a flap that can be opened and converted into a cardholder during play. This design not only protects the cards but also enhances the gaming experience by keeping the deck organized and accessible.

    Constructed with durable materials, the Squire 100+ Convertible ensures long-lasting protection against the usual wear and tear, while its strong magnetic closure system keeps the contents safe and secure. The box is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, featuring a sleek look that appeals to gamers of all types. Its portable size and sturdy build make it a reliable companion for gamers on the go. Whether you're participating in a high-stakes tournament or enjoying a game night with friends, the Gamegenic - Squire 100+ Convertible offers a stylish, practical, and durable solution for card storage and organization.

    The variation Squire 100+ XL Convertible holds more than 100 double-sleeved cards and has even more space for your tokens and dice.

    10 products
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