About Catan

Catan invites players to assume the roles of settlers, each aiming to build and develop holdings on the fictional island of Catan. Using a combination of strategy, resource management, and negotiation, players collect resources such as wood, brick, wool, wheat, and ore to build roads, settlements, and cities.

The game board is modular, composed of hexagonal tiles that randomly generate the island's layout, ensuring that every game is a unique experience. Victory points are earned through various means, including building structures, holding the longest road and the largest army, and purchasing development cards that provide special abilities or additional points.

Catan's simple yet deep gameplay mechanics have made it a gateway game for many into the wider world of board gaming, fostering a legacy that includes numerous expansions, spin-offs, and digital versions.

Who is this game is for

Catan is a game designed for a wide audience, appealing to both casual players and serious board game enthusiasts alike. Its straightforward rules make it accessible to newcomers, while the strategic depth and variability ensure that it remains engaging for experienced gamers. The game's blend of strategy, resource management, and social interaction makes it a favorite for family game nights, as it encourages players to negotiate and trade with one another.

Catan is suitable for players aged 10 and up, making it an excellent choice for intergenerational play, where children, parents, and grandparents can all participate in the fun.

Whether you're looking for a competitive challenge, a social activity, or a way to introduce someone to the world of board gaming, Catan offers something for everyone.

What you need to play Catan

The base game contains everything you need to play Catan with 2-4 players. If you want to play the game in a larger group (with 5-6 players), you can extend the base game with the 5-6 players extension.


Catan New Energies

You must decide: Invest in clean energy resources or opt for cheaper fossil fuels, potentially causing disatrous effects for the island?

How to expand your game

Catan has several expansions that enhance and vary the gameplay experience. Here's a brief overview of the main expansions:

This expansion introduces the concept of exploring and settling on new islands. It adds ships as a new type of game piece, which players can use to travel across water tiles. The expansion includes scenarios with varying setups and goals, such as discovering new islands and navigating through pirate-infested waters.

Cities & Knights
Focusing on the development of cities, this expansion brings new dimensions to the game through commodities (paper, cloth, and coin), which are used to improve cities. It also introduces knights that protect the island from invading barbarians. The expansion adds a layer of strategy with city improvements that grant new abilities and the need to balance between defense and development.

Traders & Barbarians
This expansion is a compilation of several scenarios and mini-expansions, including the titular "Traders" and "Barbarians," "Fishermen of Catan," "Rivers of Catan," and "Caravans." It introduces camels as a new transportation method, fish as a resource, and various other elements that offer fresh strategies and challenges.

Explorers & Pirates
This expansion emphasizes exploration, piracy, and discovery. It introduces several new scenarios that involve sailing to uncharted waters, capturing pirate lairs, transporting settlers to new islands, and gathering fish and spices. This expansion significantly alters the gameplay, focusing on adventure and exploration.

Each expansion requires the base game to play and is designed to be compatible with one another, allowing for a highly customizable Catan experience.


Rivals for Catan

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