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    Marvel Champions Campaign Expansions are larger expansions for the Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Unlike the smaller Hero Packs or Scenario Packs, these expansions provide a more extensive experience, typically introducing a series of interconnected scenarios that tell a cohesive story. Each campaign expansion usually includes new heroes, villains, and sometimes new mechanics or rules that add depth and complexity to the game.

    The campaign expansions allow players to embark on multi-session adventures, facing off against a series of villains with an overarching narrative. These narratives often require players to make choices that can affect the outcome of the story, adding an element of role-playing to the card game experience. Additionally, campaign expansions can introduce new challenges and twists, forcing players to adapt their strategies and decks to succeed.

    Overall, Marvel Champions Campaign Expansions enhance the game by providing a more immersive and story-driven experience, allowing players to dive deeper into the Marvel Universe and experience epic battles and adventures with their favorite superheroes.
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