Warhammer Age of Sigmar

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    "Warhammer Age of Sigmar" is a fantasy-themed tabletop wargame set in the Warhammer universe, developed by Games Workshop. Launched in 2015 as a successor to the discontinued Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Age of Sigmar introduces a new setting known as the Mortal Realms, a series of interconnected worlds full of magic, mythical creatures, and heroic battles. The game is celebrated for its streamlined ruleset, dynamic models, and the creative freedom it offers players in army building and narrative-driven gameplay. Players choose from a variety of factions, each with unique lore and units, to engage in skirmishes and grand battles, using strategy and dice rolls to determine outcomes. Age of Sigmar has expanded with numerous supplements, campaign books, and miniatures, continually enriching its vibrant world and passionate community.
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