Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Circle Undone

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    "Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Circle Undone" is a campaign expansion that delves into the mysterious and supernatural forces at work in Arkham, Massachusetts. This narrative-driven expansion introduces players to a new story arc where the past and present collide, unveiling a sinister plot that threatens the very fabric of reality.

    Set against the backdrop of a séance gone terribly wrong, investigators find themselves entangled in the affairs of the Silver Twilight Lodge, a secretive group with dubious intentions and occult practices. As the story unfolds, players must navigate a series of chilling scenarios that challenge their resolve, sanity, and willingness to confront the unknown.

    "The Circle Undone" expansion adds new investigators to the roster, each bringing unique abilities and a personal quest to the fore. It also introduces a wealth of new player cards, including spells, allies, and items, allowing for deeper customization and strategy in deck building. The expansion's innovative mechanics, such as the Haunted keyword and the emphasis on the investigator's choices, add layers of complexity and immersion to the gameplay.

    Players will explore haunted locations, unravel the mysteries of the Silver Twilight Lodge, and face otherworldly entities in their quest to prevent a cataclysmic event. "The Circle Undone" is an essential addition to "Arkham Horror: The Card Game" for those seeking to expand their adventures in the Lovecraftian universe, offering a blend of horror, mystery, and strategic gameplay that will test the limits of their investigative skills.

    10 products
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