Gamegenic - Sidekick 100+ Convertible

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    The Gamegenic Sidekick 100+ Convertible is a versatile and innovative storage solution for card game enthusiasts. Designed to hold more than 100 sleeved cards, it's perfect for players who need reliable protection and organization for their decks. The convertible design allows for easy access and flexible storage options, enabling players to customize the setup according to their gaming needs. Crafted from durable materials, this deck box ensures your cards stay safe from wear and tear, while its compact size makes it convenient for travel. Whether you're heading to a tournament or just a casual game night, the Sidekick 100+ Convertible offers a stylish and practical way to carry your cards. Its secure closure mechanism keeps contents snug and secure, making it an essential accessory for any card player looking for both functionality and style.

    12 products
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