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    Playing games with painted miniatures is more fun and immersive. It brings the battles fought and narratives forged to life right in front of you on the gaming table! The Army Painter was founded to help gamers of all types have more fun playing. Having painted miniatures using high-quality products, that are affordably priced, and perfect for the job. All designed to make painting fun, easy, and fast. Win back those hours at the hobby desk. Get More Time for Gaming!

    Fast, Easy, Fun!

    Speedpaint is the ultimate one-coat painting solution

    The all-in-one Speedpaint is a true one-coat painting solution offering rich shading, vibrant saturation, and an easy highlight simultaneously. Simply apply one coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done! It’s as easy as it sounds and if you don’t believe us then check out our “How to Speedpaint” tutorial or follow our quick and simple How-to steps down below.


    11 products
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