Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Dunwich Legacy

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    "Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Dunwich Legacy" is an expansion that opens up a new chapter in the acclaimed cooperative card game set in the Lovecraftian universe. This expansion introduces players to a chilling narrative that unfolds across several scenarios, where they are tasked with uncovering the mysteries surrounding the strange events happening in the rural area of Dunwich.

    The expansion adds a significant amount of content, including new investigators, cards that offer novel ways to build your decks, and unique scenarios that challenge players with new adversaries and complex puzzles. "The Dunwich Legacy" requires players to make strategic decisions and carefully manage their resources as they delve deeper into the story, facing supernatural threats and trying to prevent an ominous fate.

    With its engaging story, "The Dunwich Legacy" not only extends the gameplay experience but also deepens the game's thematic immersion. It is designed to be compatible with the core set and other expansions, allowing players to mix and match elements to create customized adventures. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or new to the mysteries of Arkham Horror, "The Dunwich Legacy" offers an enthralling experience that will test your resolve and challenge your tactical skills.

    10 products
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