About the game

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce Star Wars™: Unlimited, a brand-new trading card game of endless possibilities!

This is a fast-paced, strategic card game for everyone, whether you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, a longtime player of trading card games (TCGs), or anywhere in between! In this game, you build a deck using cards you acquire from randomized booster packs, and each of those cards has different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. The game is called “Unlimited” for a reason; with over 200 cards in the first set - Spark of Rebellion - alone, there are countless strategies and combinations just waiting to be discovered. Choose your leader, build your deck, expand your collection, and launch yourself into a galaxy of unlimited potential!

Infinite Ways to Play

What you need to play

The Two Player Starter Set is all you need to start your exciting journey into the world of Star Wars Unlimited. Later on, you can enhance your deck with booster packs.

Availability & Shipping

Delivery dates

Star Wars Unlimited will be released on March, 8th 2024. All orders will be shipped on that date.

Please note that we might have limited stock of the product. We ship in the order in which we received the orders.

International shipping

We ship to several countries around the globe. Please check our Shipping policy page for more details.

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Organized Play Events

Star Wars Unlimited Play Events

As an official Star Wars Unlimited Organized play host, we organize regular events for both casual and competitive players. Join us for our Trading Card nights, which take place every Friday at our store in Dübendorf. Visit meetup.com for more details