About Altered

Altered is an innovative TCG which offers a new, refreshing approach to both competitive and casual players. Set in a universe of rich lore and visual design (influenced by Miyazaki's work and Dixit-like illustrations), this game is about exploring a new, reshaped Earth after a mysterious event, the Confluence, profoundly altered it.

Shape your own adventure, choose a faction and lead your expeditions through an ever-changing world. Be the first to discover what the universe of Altered has in store for you! What really lies at the heart of this revolution is a ton of expertly tailored details — a new rarity system, deep evolving lore, innovative game mechanisms and design — and a phygital experience that comes along with its myriad of life-quality improvements, both for the players, tournaments organizers and store owners alike.

Born and led from the mind of talented game designer Régis Bonnessée (founder of the Libellud studio, which published Dixit, Mysterium, Dice Forge, and Seasons), this project is brought to you by the French studio Equinox, based in Paris, in partnership with and exclusively distributed by Asmodee.

Modern gameplay

Unique cards to spice up your games

A new world at your fingertips

What you need to play

A starter deck is all you need to start your exciting journey into the world of Altered. Later on, you can enhance your deck with booster packs or with more characters by buying other starter decks.

Availability & Shipping

Delivery dates

The official launch in retail stores is planned for September 13, 2024.

However, WellPlayed will get a limited amount of Kickstarter edition booster displays and starter decks, which will be available in July 2024.

First come, first serve!

International shipping

We have currently suspended international shipping and we will only ship Altered to our customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

General questions

The official launch in retail stores is planned for September 13, 2024. However, WellPlayed will get a limited amount of Kickstarter edition booster displays and starter decks. First come, first serve!

The Kickstarter version will be available in English and French. The retail version, which will be released in September, will be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Additional languages may be added in the future.

The 1st Expansion should be released January 2025. Every subsequent expansion should be released every 4 months (Jan/May/Sep).

Because of the fabrication process requirements, you will not find foiled cards within an Altered booster, instead you’ll find cards “Foiler” cards.

  • Much like a wildcard in other games, a Foiler card is a card with a QR code which you'll scan in order to register it in your collection.
  • Foil cards will exist in each rarity: Common, Rare, and Unique.
  • Each Foiler can be applied to a card of the corresponding rarity that doesn't have a foiler applied to it yet. Once you use it, the Foiler is spent.
  • When you spend a Foiler, it will apply to the card family. That means you'll only need to foil a cardname once per rarity!
  • You’ll be able to trade Foilers over the marketplace just like other cards.
  • When a card leaves your collection via the marketplace, the foil status is not transferred. Cardnames with Foilers applied will stay in your collection forever. If you ever reacquire that cardname at that rarity, the Foiler will still be applied!
  • Foiler cards replace Tokens in Booster Packs 25% of the time.
  • Foiler cards will also be a part of Organized Play rewards.

You can expect many types of surprises along the life of the game! Some of these include:

  • Full Art promos of all 18 Heroes in Beyond the Gates available through various conventions and Preview Events throughout 2024.
  • Alternate Art cards of 12 character "families" in Kickstarter Boosters.

More planned towards the end of 2024 and in to 2025.

Cards from the Kickstarter Edition boosters will have a Kickstarter exclusive stamp - the stylized Altered "A".

Boosters packs content in the KS boosters were adjusted based on Stretch Goals reached during the campaign.

Kickstarter Starter decks will be the same as retail Starter decks.

The contents of a retail booster are:

  • SLOT 1 = Hero (100%)
  • SLOT 2-9 = Common (100%)
  • SLOT 10-11 = Rare (100%)
  • SLOT 12 = Rare (87.5%) / Unique (12.5%)
  • SLOT 13 = Token (58.3%) / Mana (16.7%) / Foiler (25%)

The contents of a Kickstarter booster are:

  • SLOT 1 = Foil Hero (100%)
  • SLOT 2-8 = Common (100%)
  • SLOT 9 = Common (50%) / Rare (50%)
  • SLOT 10 = Rare (100%)
  • SLOT 11 = Rare (98.6%) / Promo 2023 (1.4%)
  • SLOT 12 = Rare (83.3%) / Unique (14.8%) / Unique Alt Art Foil (1.84%)
  • SLOT 13 = Token (33.3%) / Mana (16.7%) / Foiler (50%)
  • SLOT 14 = Common (50%) / Rare (50%)"

About the game

A trading card game is a strategic game where players collect and use specially designed cards to battle opponents, aiming to achieve specific objectives by utilizing the cards' attributes and abilities.

The publisher hasn't yet finished the final rule book yet, but you can check out the Quick Rules on their websitefor a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know to play the game.

  • 18 Hero cards (3 per faction)
  • 162 Commons (Including 109 characters)
  • 324 Rares
  • X Unique cards (Altered from 109 different characters)
  • A deck must contain a minimum of 39 cards plus 1 Hero card.
  • All of your cards must be of the same faction as your Hero.
  • You cannot have more than 3 copies of a card with the same name, regardless of rarity.
  • You cannot have more than 15 rare cards and more than 3 unique cards in your deck.

5 adventure cards: All Lined up between both players at the start of a game (in a 1v1 format) :

  • 2 representing the starting points for your hero and its companion (at both ends)
  • 3 representing the adventure you are going to explore (in between) and shuffled face down at the beginning of a game.
  • They only need to be brought by one or the other player

Playing cards:

  • HEROES: representing your hero and its companion
  • CHARACTERS: allies you summon to help you at your side
  • SPELLS: cards that help you on your adventure
  • PERMANENTS: cards that remain in play unless said differently
  • TOKENS: some cards create character tokens

Digital services & Marketplace

  • Every single playable card in the game (beside tokens) comes with a unique QR code. Tokens will all share a common QR code assuming they are the same card.
  • Unowned cards can be registered on the Altered digital app, you’ll digitally own them.
  • Scanning a card already owned by anyone, will simply give you access to the card’s text, its rules, lore story and various info like marketplace value etc. All of this will be displayed in the language you have chosen for your app.

The Altered digital app is a platform where you’ll manage your collection of cards and find multiple services that’ll facilitate and improve your gaming experience.

Among the services offered you’ll find (non exhaustive list):

  • Collection
  • Deckbuilder
  • Event organiser/finder
  • Personal stats and rewards (probably not available at release)
  • Lore access
  • Marketplace
  • Print on demand

Reminder: Altered is a physical card game that is not, at this stage, planned for online gaming, and thus, this is not the role of the digital app.

  • On the marketplace you’ll be able to trade all the cards you own with anyone else on the planet instantly, from anywhere, anytime.
  • The money used for the trades will be EUR € and USD $ at release.
  • When you sell or buy a card, the digital ownership of the card is transferred from one account to another.
  • We also plan to allow you to bid for cards, rent them, lend them etc. Not available at release.

The print on demand is a service offered via the app that will allow you to choose any card(s) from your collection and order them to be printed brand new, in any available language, from the official factory, and delivered at the address of your choice.

Organized Play Events

Altered Play Events

We will soon organize regular play events for both casual and competitive players. Join us for our Trading Card nights, which take place every Friday at our store in Dübendorf. Visit meetup.com for more details