Star Wars: Armada Recusant-class (en / de)



Recusant-class Destroyer Expansion Pack

Produced in vast numbers by the Commerce Guild, the Recusant-class Destroyer reinforces the daunting ranks of the Separatist fleet. The Recusant is a formidable warship, capable of independent command and armed with an array of turbolasers for long-range combat and lighter laser cannons to cover against fighter attack. Its speed and maneuverability threaten the weak points of an enemy battle line, but when gathered together, they can overwhelm more powerful Republic ships with their sheer numbers.

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add a Recusant-class Destroyer to your fleets, beginning with a beautifully detailed, pre-painted miniature. Two ship cards bring this miniature to life on your tabletop as either a Light Destroyer or a Support Destroyer, each featuring their own unique armament and upgrade bar.

Beyond the ship cards themselves, 14 upgrade cards invite you to make your Recusant-class Destroyer even more specialized with additional weapons, titles, and officers such as the Commerce Guild’s Shu Mai, who gives her ship the chance to reroll up to three dice while attacking a ship during two non-consecutive rounds.

We’ll take a look at all the possibilities of the Recusant-class Destroyer Expansion Pack in a future preview!

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