Star Wars: Legion - Stormtroopers (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWL07
Star Wars: Legion - Stormtroopers (EN)

Star Wars: Legion - Stormtroopers (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWL07
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Stormtroopers Unit Expansion

No image is more iconic and symbolic of the Empire’s power than the expressionless helmet of an Imperial Stormtrooper. These soldiers have been deployed on hundreds of worlds across the galaxy, and everywhere they go, they keep the boot of Imperial oppression firmly placed on the neck of all who resist.

Filling a similar role to Rebel Troopers in an Alliance army, the Stormtroopers are the infantry foundation of any Empire mobilization. With the ability to supplement your squads of Stormtroopers with specialized miniatures to gain an advantage against powerful vehicles, you can upgrade your Stormtroopers to take down any kind of threat the Rebellion may field.

In the Stormtroopers Unit Expansion, you’ll find seven Stormtrooper miniatures, identical to the ones included in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, along with the unit card and upgrade cards that you need to add another unit of Stormtroopers to your army.

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