Star Wars: Legion - Imperial Shoretroopers (EN)

Star Wars: Legion - Imperial Shoretroopers (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWL41

Star Wars: Legion - Imperial Shoretroopers (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWL41
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"Failure will find you explaining why to a far less patient audience."

   –Grand Moff Tarkin, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Empire has many secrets to protect. While an assignment to the tropical planet of Scarif may seem pleasant to soldiers stationed in harsher climes, protecting these countless secrets is a task that requires constant vigilance. Now, new Imperial troops are on their way to ensure no Rebel breaches Imperial security.


Specially trained to comb beaches and bunkers for any sign of Rebel infiltration, Shoretroopers are often assigned to important bases where secrecy is of the utmost importance. Within this expansion, you’ll find seven unique, unpainted Imperial Shoretrooper miniatures to add to your Star Wars: Legion collection. Five of these troopers are armed with E-22 blaster rifles, while a Shoretrooper equipped with a T-21B targeting rifle is ready to deal extra damage from long range.

But if you’re truly looking to keep enemy units from escaping with the sensitive information, a DF-90 Mortar Trooper can be added to your army as a detachment from the rest of your Shoretroopers. Rounding out this expansion are two unit cards, five upgrade cards to fully kit out your Shoretroopers, and all the tokens you need to deploy them to any battle. Read on for more information on the Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion!

Coastal Defense

Countless soldiers have enforced the Emperor’s will across the galaxy as Stormtroopers. Only an exceptional few, however, are selected for rotational duty as Imperial Shoretroopers. Trained not only in tropical environment operations, but also in entrenched warfare, these troops are often assigned to important bases such as the Imperial security facility on Scarif. No matter where they’re deployed, their expertise and equipment help them counter any Rebel incursion.

On the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion, Shoretroopers become the most elite option for filling out the corps units that make up the rank-and-file of your Imperial armies. In addition to their advanced training, Shoretroopers are the first Imperial unit to carry the upgraded E-22 blaster rifle, making them more dangerous than Stormtroopers or Snowtroopers based on their armament alone.

Beyond this, you’ll find Shoretroopers eager to carry out your orders, and they give you plenty of reasons to make them a major part of your strategy. Issuing orders to your Shoretroopers immediately puts them on the offensive and—once they’ve identified a new target—helps them fire with deadly accuracy. Spotting new targets is easier if you have a weapon with a bit more range, of course, which is exactly why select Shoretroopers choose to carry the T-21B targeting rifle. Not only does this powerful blaster rifle make the Shoretroopers a threat from long distance, it also allows you to hit the enemy where it hurts the most.

Whether they’re firing from a distance or have their blasters trained on close range targets, Shoretroopers are prepared to counter sudden Rebel ambushes. While the fire from their E-22 blaster rifles alone is sufficient to keep opposing forces hunkered down, Shoretroopers are also trained to work closely with emplacement troops to make sure no stray Rebels escape. The heavy fire from an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team can help the Shoretroopers cut down fleeing enemies, but that isn’t their only option.

In fact, small detachments of Shoretroopers often take it on themselves to man DF-90 mortar launchers that can provide even more suppressive fire. While these mortar troopers operate as independent units and are free to lend fire support to any unit, they can only be deployed if a corresponding Imperial Shoretroopers unit is included in your army.  

We’ll have much more information about the Imperial Shoretroopers and the heavy weapons they use in a future preview!

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