Star Wars: Legion - BX-Series Droid Commandos (EN)

Star Wars: Legion - BX-Series Droid Commandos (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWL72

Star Wars: Legion - BX-Series Droid Commandos (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWL72
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"I am not just another number. None of us are."

   —Fives, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

In the infantry battles of the Clone Wars, the most elite troops often make the difference between victory and defeat. Possessing a wide range of combat skills, these troops utilize specialized equipment—and even work in smaller teams—to get the job done, no matter the cost.

Soon, you’ll be able to enhance both your Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance armies with elite units that can turn the tide of any battle. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce two new Clone Wars-era Special Forces units for Star Wars™: Legion:

Already versatile in the field, these special forces units are also highly customizable, inviting you to assemble and deploy the unit that fits your style. Each of the seven finely sculpted, unpainted hard plastic miniatures you’ll find in these expansions can be built with a variety of weapons and gear, opening up a wealth of possibilities for each unit. Read on for more information about what to expect in these expansions!

The Best of the Best

The Galactic Republic’s clone troopers are some of the finest soldiers in the galaxy, but only the best of the best can call themselves ARC Troopers. Constantly pushing their physical, tactical, and strategic skills to the limit, ARC troopers undertake the most arduous missions on behalf of the Republic.

This also means ARC troopers are among the most flexible warriors in the Grand Army of the Republic, able to fire with devastating accuracy even while on the move with their JT-12 Jetpacks . When deployed as a two-man fire team, they act as a scalpel, scouting ahead to snap off deadly long-range blaster shots. As they do, eight upgrade cards allow you to tailor your unit for the specific mission parameters with additional weapons, gear, personnel and more.

No matter how you decide to use them in battle, you’ll find plenty of ways to customize your miniatures in the ARC Troopers Unit Expansion. In addition to multiple helmet options for every ARC Trooper, some troopers can be assembled wielding dual DC-17 hand blasters or with a powerful DC-15x sniper rifle. Finally, several troopers are highly posable as they blast into action with their jetpacks.

We’ll take a closer look at everything in this expansion in a future preview!

Advanced AI

While the majority of the Separatist Alliance’s battle droids are programmed to mindlessly wade into battle, that isn’t always the case. Cunning, stealthy, and deadly in close quarters, BX-series droid commandos represent a major step forward from their B1 battle droid cousins. Equipped with superior programming and built to operate independently, they often operate in lethal pairs that can wreak havoc on the battlefield.  

With an array of deadly tool available to them, these elite commando droids are known to lay traps and set up ambushes to catch their foes flat-footed before finishing them off with salvoes of fire. However deadly they are with their sniper rifles or E-5 blasters, they’ve even more formidable when battling up close with their deadly vibroswords or deflector shields .

Whether you use them to target key enemy personnel or plant deadly dioxis mines, the BX-series droid commando miniatures you find in this expansion are highly customizable. Several weapons options—including blasters, vibroswords, and a dioxis charge—as well as deflector shields give you the freedom to build the unit of commando droids you’ve always wanted while eight upgrade cards invite you to outfit them for your particular strategy.

We’ll take a look at all the ways you can use your BX-series commando droids in battle in a future preview!

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    Great minis!

    Crisp detail and way easier to put together than the B1s! I used them for TTRPG, but they will see the table for Legion too. The shields look really great.

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