Star Wars: Armada - Profundity (EN)

Star Wars: Armada - Profundity (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWM30

Star Wars: Armada - Profundity (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGSWM30
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Profundity Expansion Pack

"This is Admiral Raddus of the Rebel Alliance. All squadron leaders report in."
     –Admiral Raddus

Where the Imperials gain the Grand Admiral and a number of other characters from Star Wars Rebels in the ChimaeraExpansion Pack, the Profundity Expansion Pack offers the Rebels access to the MC75 star cruiser, Admiral Raddus, and Jyn Erso, as well as other notable characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

All told, the expansion allows you to field its hulking MC75 cruiser miniature using either of two ship cards, then affords you a wide range of tactical adjustments with its fourteen upgrade cards.

With its punishing arsenal, powerful shields, and resilient hull, the MC75 cruiser is bound to make a massive impact upon any battle in which it takes part, but it's only to be expected that certain commanders may use the ship more effectively than others. And there's likely no commander better suited to making sure your MC75 cruiser hits for maximum impact than Admiral Raddus .

As in Rogue One, when his decision to support Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso drew the full strength of the Rebel fleet to Scarif, Admiral Raddus has a habit of bringing reinforcements into your Armada battles, just when it looks like everything's going wrong. At the beginning of the game, Raddus can designate any friendly ship other than his to be set aside, and until that ship finally arrives, your forces will be outnumbered and outmatched. Even if you and your opponent haven't yet begun trading shots, you'll still have forfeited a valuable action with which you could have been baiting your opponent's ships out of position.

But while your forces might temporarily suffer from the absence of any ship Raddus sets aside, they'll rejoice when it arrives. Since it can come in at distance "1" of any friendly ship—and since it can face any direction when it arrives—you'll be able to bring it onto the battlefield wherever it can function most effectively.

You could bring an MC30c Torpedo Frigate out of hyperspace in a position that it's already able to catch its target with a full complement of attack dice. You could bring the Tantive IV into the battle in position to assign an engineering token to your damaged MC80 Battle Cruiser . Or you could fly Admiral Raddus aboard the Profundity , race your CR90 Corvette A around the enemy's flank, and bring both your  Mon Karren and Garel's Honor into the battle positioned at your enemy's back.


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