Star Wars: Armada Core Set Alliance Fleet Starter (en / de)



Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter

The Separatist Alliance enters Star Wars: Armada prepared for war. Backed by corporate entities like the Trade Federation and Techno Union, its powerful warships and vast reserves of droid forces pose a threat to even the wisest Jedi Knights and their crews of clone troopers. As you begin your campaign to overthrow the Republic, the Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter is the ideal entry point to the battles of the Clone Wars.

Within this set, you’ll find everything you need to begin building your own massive Separatist fleet, including a Munificent-class Frigate and two Hardcell-class Transport miniatures. Six ship cards give you the power to fine-tune your fleet by deploying them in one of two variants while twenty upgrade cards invite you to further customize your ships with additional officers, weapons, titles, and more. Add a cunning T-Series Tactical Droid to boost your ship’s performance or take command of ships like the Tide of Progress XII and shrug off some incoming damage.

But no fleet is complete without starfighters and the Separatist Alliance prefers to overwhelm their opponents with countless swarms of Vulture-class Droid Fighters. This expansion puts four of these squadrons at your disposal, and you’re free to use the standard model or dispatch the upgraded Haor Chall Prototypes to complete your objectives.

Whatever ships and squadrons you choose to deploy, the Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter does more than just introduce the Separatist Alliance as a new faction. It also contains all of the components necessary to learn and play the game, including nine attack dice, 10 command dials, eight speed dials, 12 objective cards, six obstacle tokens, a range ruler, and a maneuver tool.

We’ll take a closer look at everything in this expansion in a future preview!

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