Flesh and Blood: Welcome to Rathe - Unlimited Booster Display (24 Packs) (EN)


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Welcome to the world of Flesh and Blood, a hero-centric fantasy trading card game that features classic fantasy classes with unique playstyles. Flesh and Blood introduces game changing innovation to the Trading Card Game industry, with the patent pending “pitch” resource system, that has players engaged in cutthroat combat every turn of every game, 100% of the time!

This Booster Display contains 24x Booster Packs (16 cards each):

Each pack contains 16 cards

  • 1 Token
  • 4 Generic Commons
  • 7 Class Commons
  • 1 Rare
  • 1 Rare / Super Rare / Majestic
  • 1 Equipment
  • 1 Premium Foil (can be from any non-token rarity)