Feed the Kraken (EN/DE)

Feed the Kraken (EN/DE)

Funtails SKU: FTFTK01DE

Feed the Kraken (EN/DE)

Funtails SKU: FTFTK01DE
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The goal of the game is to navigate the ship towards your final destination, which would be easy if only players weren’t divided into three different factions. Each secret faction wants to reach a different area of the board. Every turn the ship will sail in one of the three possible directions—but which one will it be? 

Navigation orders are passed from player to player. The captain's logbook protects the sensitive information from your filthy crew members.

After each navigation, the Lieutenant and Navigator go off duty, and the captain has to find somebody sober enough to take their spot instead. Everyone can discuss, how well that last navigation went, who is to blame for the current course, and who should be in charge in the future instead. Convince your enemies that it is in their best interest to make you the next lieutenant, or navigator!

You can even draw your guns and become the new captain in open mutiny! But for how long will you be able to keep the trust of your crew? 

The next mutiny might already be waiting for you if your decisions don’t please your fellow sailors.
You may gain an insight to the INSTABIL‘s Look-Out, Peacemaker, Herbalist, Equalizer and Smuggler—some of the manifold unique Characters who are waiting for you!

Meanwhile the Cult Leader is busy convincing parts of the crew to help them summon their dark lord—the Kraken—from the depth of the sea to “save” them all.

Some events allow the Cult Leader to perform Cult Rituals to gain various advantages, or even convert other crew members to the Cult by touching them with his tentacle.

Touched by the tentacles of the Cult: In a secret ritual the Cult Leader converts crew members into the dark cult.

The above list of all those options can’t even begin to describe the tension you will feel at the table! Get ready to become fully immersed in your role, and prepare for an emotional roller coaster, when your friends suddenly argue for cutting your tongue out or even for tossing YOU overboard to Feed the Kraken!

But beware—Kraken feeding is a complicated task. If the captain accidentally decides to feed the Cult Leader to the Kraken, the cult prophecy will be fulfilled and the entire ship will be lost forever!

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Language: English and German
Publisher: Funtails

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