Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Circle Undone (EN)

Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Circle Undone (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGAHC29

Arkham Horror: The Card Game - The Circle Undone (EN)

Fantasy Flight Games SKU: FFGAHC29
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“The hidden cults to which these witches belonged often guarded and handed down surprising secrets from elder, forgotten aeons; and it was by no means impossible that Keziah had actually mastered the art of passing through dimensional gates.”

   –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch House

Judgement. Temperance. Justice. The Tower.

The soothsayer’s tarot wove a tale of a grim future, hard to put out of your mind. But when you learn that four people have disappeared without a trace from an estate in French Hill, you begin to wonder if this cruel fate is meant only for you, or for the entirety of Arkham…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Circle Undone, a new deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Within this deluxe expansion, you'll embark on the fourth cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and your path draws you back to Arkham itself. The Silver Twilight Lodge is bound up in something sinister, witches and strange rituals have been heard on the lonesome hills around Arkham, and the spirits of the dead do not sleep easy. New investigators and a wealth of new player cards arrive to expand your decks—and you will need them. Arkham has always been troubled, but of late it seems positively haunted…

Disappearance at the Twilight Estate

As with previous deluxe expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card GameThe Circle Undone contains two full scenarios for your team of investigators to test their mettle against the terrors of Arkham, but these are not where your adventures begin. Rather, this expansion thrusts you into the mystery with a prologue scenario “Disappearance at the Twilight Estate.” 

Despite the gloom that has taken hold of Arkham, the days continue to press forward. Nathaniel Rhodes has just been elected to the senate, spreading optimism among the city’s most upstanding members, and tonight, Josef Meiger of the Silver Twilight Lodge will be holding a charity event. But some consequence hanging in the stars foretells that the event is destined for a dark end…

In this scenario, you won't be stepping into the shoes of one of Arkham’s investigators just yet. Instead, you will play as one of four people who attended the ill-fated event and who you will only ever play during this prologue. Each of these characters offers their own unique abilities and skill sets, as well as a starting play area and opening hand, but no deck of additional cards. These unfortunate souls are not investigators, merely people who in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, you may find you have much to learn from these individuals if you can work through the night’s chaos and find the secrets scattered throughout the estate.

Diana Stanley, The Redeemed Cultist

As you prepare to confront a new crop of horrors in The Circle Undone, you will need to call upon the skills of a new team of investigators, and perhaps no one is better equipped for exploring the secrets of the city than Diana Stanley(The Circle Undone, 4). Diana was once an innocent new business owner in Arkham, and she was proud to be inducted into the prestigious order of the Silver Twilight Lodge. Her admittance was great for business, but her joy soon turned to dread as the order’s meetings became more and more bizarre with each passing week. In her time with the Silver Twilight Lodge, Diana witnessed strange rituals and terrible sacrifices. She was privy to some of the order’s deepest secrets, and while she may wish to get out, she knows too much. Diana is convinced that there are terrible forces converging on Arkham, and that  the Lodge is at the heart of it. Despite the risk, Diana has resolved to take down the Silver Twilight Lodge from the inside. But members of the Lodge know that there are fates worse than death…

As an investigator, Diana is focused on stopping the dark machinations of the Lodge or any other force that would put the innocent in harm’s way. After witnessing the terrible power of the Lodge, her willpower has been weakened to a base value of one, but her resolve strengthens with each successful stand against them. After one of Diana’s cards cancels or ignores a card or game effect, it's placed facedown beneath her investigator card. Diana's willpower is increased for each card underneath her, and if she draws the Elder Sign during a test, she can add one of these cards to her hand to play it again!

To further increase her protective powers, Diana begins each game with Dark Insight (The Circle Undone, 14) in her hand. She can play this card to cancel the effects of a weakness or encounter card, shuffling it back into the deck. If Diana can gather enough cards in reserve beneath her investigator card, she may even become bold enough to use the Order’s own weapons against them. The Twilight Blade (The Circle Undone, 13) lets this Mystic use her willpower instead of combat for an attack, using the events and skills beneath her investigator card as if they were in her hand. Turning this blade against those who would wield it for evil will add a sweet poetry to Diana’s defiance.

But the gifts of the Silver Twilight Lodge have their price. Diana Stanley carries a Terrible Secret (The Circle Undone, 15), and if she is ever discovered, she must either sacrifice her plans and discard the cards beneath her investigator card, or suffer one horror for each tool she refuses to lose. While it would doubtless be safer for Diana to abandon her mission, the shame of what she has already done and guilt over those she chose not to save will not let her rest until the Order is destroyed. Will you stand with her and defend Arkham from the darkness that festers within the city like a poison? Or will your efforts to expose them lead to your demise?

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