Revive (EN)
Revive (EN)
Revive (EN)

Revive (EN)

Aporta Games SKU: APOREV001

Revive (EN)

Aporta Games SKU: APOREV001
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Revive civilization, 5000 years after everything was destroyed. Lead your tribe and explore the frozen earth. Harness its resources. Recruit surface survivors to your cause. Build factories with powerful machines. And populate ancient sites to relearn your tribe's forgotten technologies.
Revive is a game for 1-4 players with asymmetric player powers, highly variable setup, and no fighting or direct conflict. Playing through the 5-part campaign unlocks additional contents, and once all contents have been unlocked, the game can be replayed indefinitely.
At the beginning of the game, each player gets a set of citizen cards, a tribe board, as well as a huge dual-layer player board. The tribe board shows your unique tribe ability and the ancient technologies that you may relearn during the game. The dual-layer player board is where you place your custom machines and upgrade your card slots.

A main goal of the game is to reach and populate the large ancient sites. These ancient locations are randomized, and as they are important sources of victory points, they will shape your strategy differently each game.

On your turn you take two actions:
  • Play a card (its effect is determined by which card slot you use)
  • Explore (reveal an area tile and recruit a new citizen card)
  • Populate (populate an ancient location to learn a new technology)
  • Build factory (the adjacent terrains determine which machine tracks you advance)

In addition you may use power to activate any number of your machines, modifying your actions.

Instead of taking two actions you may Hibernate. This will circulate your cards, moving your played cards to your resting area, and releasing the cards in your resting area back to you. In addition you regain your used power, so that you may activate your machines again.

The multi-use cards play an important role: Each card shows a resource ability (on the top) and a special ability (on the lower part). Playing a card in one of your top slots activates the resource action; In a lower slot you activate the special ability. You may install slot modules in the card slots, and these are activated whenever you play a card matching its color. It is possible to find combinations that lets you chain cards, triggering several slot modules and abilities in one action.

Building factories harness the power of the surrounding terrains, advancing your marker on one of three machine tracks. This may unlock machines that can be activated, using energy.

Reaching certain milestones lets you take an artifact from the main board. Each artifact boosts one of the three scoring categories on your personal scoring card.

The game ends when all artifacts have been taken, and the player with the most points wins.

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Language: English
Publisher: Aporta Games

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Too complex

It takes too long to learn how to play, the gameplay is then very slow

Alain H.

Revive (EN)

Amir N.
Great euro game!

One of the best euro games! It is a bit themeless but the game play is fantastic and the production is of high quality! Good price as well! recommended!

Highly recommended

Disclaimer: I only played 3 games.
Mechanically Revive is really interesting even as a veteran of euro-style board games. My only criticism is that the theme is, at best, tacked on... which is pretty disappointing, given the fact that the theme was the one thing that made purchase the game. The "campaign" is unnecessary and should probably be ditched altogether (I don't see the point of artificially drip feeding content). Even though it took two games to "get it", I'm really glad I bought it and it'll definitely stay in my collection.

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