Warhammer: The Rise and Fall of Anvalor (EN)

WizKids SKU: 566W110718
Warhammer: The Rise and Fall of Anvalor (EN)

Warhammer: The Rise and Fall of Anvalor (EN)

WizKids SKU: 566W110718
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In the region of Aqshy, even if your uneasy allies place their resources in the perfect place, your mutual enemies can be strong and unpredictable. You'll build resources to block your allies from developing their strongest options, and they'll return the favor. They'll weaken enemies and you'll try to deliver the killing blow. Each turn provides many choices, so you need to pivot as you learn the strategies best suited to your common enemy as well as your allies. One thing's for certain — whether Anvalor survives the siege on it or not, things are sure to get heated!

In Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – The Rise & Fall of Anvalor, your official task is to help build and defend Anvalor together with the other factions.

However, your real goal is to gather the most influence and secure dominance over Anvalor, even if it might ultimately cause the fall of the city. Gather the most influence for your faction by building city buildings and defeating enemies during vicious assaults. At the end of the game, the player who has the most influence over the city reigns supreme and secures their dominance over The Great Parch!

With more than 180 tiles, nine different factions (six player factions, three enemy factions), and four play variants beyond the standard game, The Rise & Fall of Anvalor features an enormous amount of gameplay content!

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