Star Wars: The Card Game - Kylo Ren Gaming Mat

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Star Wars: The Card Game - Kylo Ren Gaming Mat is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

Kylo Ren Gaming Mat

The Kylo Ren Gaming Mat features a stunning depiction of The Force Awakens villain wielding his distinctive red-bladed lightsaber, crouching ready for battle, and clad all in black. His black cowl covers the top of his armored mask while, behind him, light streams through smoky air. Sparks fly off his lightsaber, almost like flecks of molten metal.

With its dark and powerful imagery, the Kylo Ren Gaming Mat makes it easy for gamers to tap into their dark sides, whether they’re playing as the Sith faction in Star Wars: The Card Game or pursuing their own, nefarious goals.

Best yet, as much as its imagery conveys the danger and menace of the dark side of the Force, the playmat’s black borders and Kylo Ren’s black clothes won’t clutter your playing space with a barrage of shapes and colors that might distract your eye from the cards that count.

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