Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy (engl.)

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Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy (engl.) is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy, an expansion for Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, adds five new heroes to the game for players to recruit. Using these heroes, players can create their own powerful combos on the fly, combining their heroes' awesome abilities to take down nasty Marvel Masterminds like the Kree Supreme Intelligence!

Game Contents

Rulesheet and 100 cards:

  • 70 hero cards
    • 14 Drax the Destroyer
    • 14 Gamora
    • 14 Groot
    • 14 Rocket Raccoon
    • 14 Star-Lord
  • 5 Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Mastermind cards
  • 5 Thanos Mastermind cards
  • 16 Villain cards
    • 8 Infinity Gems
    • 8 Kree Starforce
  • 18 Shard Tokens
  • 4 Scheme scenarios: "Unite the Shards", "Forge the Infinity Gauntlet", "Intergalactic Kree Nega-Bomb", and "The Kree-Skrull War"

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