It's Bedtime / It's Badtime! Charity child's book by Laura Dall' Agata



This is a charity article!

The proceeds of this book go 100% to charity. You can choose to pay a higher price resulting in a higher donation <3
The charity these proceeds will go to is this one:

"...breaking the cycle of poverty for children and women through skills-based education and training programs."

Please visit Laura's page as well here
Instagram: lauraoceanbeach

* A book to teach toddlers and children about the importance of a bedtime routine. - Two stories, in one book.

* Great for children between the age of 1 and 5. It's Bedtime, but Alex doesn't want to go to bed... or maybe he does? The book tells two stories that both children and their parents will love. 36 pages of colorful and engaging illustrations that teach toddlers the importance of following a bedtime routine. The book, when read from the front cover, tells the story of a happily co-operating child. However, when flipped around, the book tells the story of a rebellious boy and his exhausted mom. Both stories culminate in the middle page. The life of parents is a true roller-coaster. Children love turning the pages to discover all their favorite things: trains, planes, zoo animals, mermaids, farm animals and much more! Laura Dallagata made sure to fill the book with tiny details that children discover in subsequent readings. The book stays fresh and both children and parents laugh at their new discoveries. A "must have" on every bookshelf.

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