Infinity: Zerat Special Missions Reg. (MULTI Sniper/Hacker)


SKU: INF280684

Infinity: Zerat Special Missions Reg. (MULTI Sniper/Hacker) is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

The Zerat is one of the Morat female regiments. Of course, if there is a military discipline in which Morats don’t stand out, it is in discretion. Nevertheless, by character, genetics, or by a simple matter of survival, female Morats have stronger qualities of stealth and infiltration.

This is why the majority of Morat exploration units are composed of females, so in Morat language, “Ze Rat” (That one who kills in silence) is synonymous for “female warrior”. But, the Zerat Regiment’s mission is not only exploration: after all, they are still Morat troops, so they take a proactively aggressive combat attitude. As a result of this offensive focus, the Zerat precede the main body of the army in open and dispersed formation, providing a protective screen and executing attacks to harass, thwart or distract enemy forces. They also have a mission to eliminate or neutralize enemy officers, specialists or designated material, undermining the cohesion and stability of their command line.

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