Infinity: Teutonic Knights (Spitfire/Combi Rifle)


SKU: INF280293

Infinity: Teutonic Knights (Spitfire/Combi Rifle) is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

This Corvus Belli Infinity PanOceania Teutonic Knights (Spitfire/Combi Rifle) blister pack contains two (2) PanOceania Teutonic Knight metal miniatures. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.

PanOceania is the primary Great Power of the Human Sphere. It owns the greatest number of planets, has the richest economy and possesses the most advanced technology. Pragmatic and generous, PanOceania is a melting-pot of cultures, heir to the best democratic and welfare traditions of the West. Proud of itself and somewhat domineering it can claim to have the most technically sophisticated society and army in the Sphere and likes to brag about it.


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