Commands & Colours Ancients Spartan Expansion

73.00 66.40

SKU: GMT1115

Commands & Colours Ancients Spartan Expansion is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

  • Full-color sheets of unit labels to affix to the 258 wooden blocks.
  • Rule/Scenario Booklet (with 26 historical scenarios)
  • 4 full color Player Aid cards
  • 2 Terrain Tile sheets

PUBLISHED: 2011, 2014
DESIGNER: Richard Borg
ART DIRECTOR: Rodger B. MacGowan
COMPONENT ART: Rodger B. MacGowan, Mark Simonith, & Mike Lemick
PRODUCERS: Mark Simonitch, Gene Billingsley, Tony Curtis, Andy Lewis, Rodger MacGowan

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