District 9 (engl.)



District 9 (engl.) is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

There are three phases in the game that represent the same three days in the film. There are key moments in the film which act as a timing mechanism for each phase. 

Day 1: Wikus is moving around the District evicting Prawns from their homes. When he locates and is infected by the Alien Canister the day will come to an end.

Day 2: Wikus starts transforming into an Alien and roams the District hiding and looking for answers. Other Characters from the film appear including Christopher Johnson, the day ends when the both of them meet.

Day 3: The Alien Dropship crashes into the District and Wikus suits up in the Mech destroying anything in his path. The day and the game will end when Players take down the Mech. 

You need to make sure you are fully equipped before entering the District. Spend Influence to add Crew and upgrade Equipment on your Vehicle to increase your Strength and Defense stats.

You will need to get around the District in your search for Alien Technology. Spend an Action to move your Vehicle and Units around the District, Zone by Zone.

Tensions in the District are rising. As an action, Players may engage other Factions, Units and Prawn threats in your Zone.  There are no dice in District 9: The Boardgame, the fate of combat is resolved through the flip of a card.

The Evict and Claim actions allow you to pick up the Alien Technology and add them to your Vehicle. Prawn will start to emerge and may get hostile as you evict them from their homes and claim their technology. 


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