Catacombs: Cavern of Soloth Expansion - Preorder (engl.)

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Catacombs: Cavern of Soloth Expansion - Preorder (engl.) is backordered. Depending on when the product is reprinted it may take weeks / months to arrive.

Release Date unknown at this moment!

Dwarves mining in the Scavewyrm Pit have brought back news that the mythical cavern of Soloth has been discovered. Although unexplored, it is rumoured to contain exotic weapons and treasures from the reign of Soloth, the ancient Vampire Lord of the Underworld. Furthermore, sinister acolytes labouring in a forgotten labyrinth seek to reanimate Soloth's malevolent queen. In this expansion to the original Catacombs game, four new heroes set out to confront this impending evil and prevent disaster.

Catacombs:  Cavern of Soloth is an exciting add-on to the base Catacombs game:

  • over 40 new wooden pieces
  • 4 new Heroes with unique special actions (Ice Princess, Paladin, Sorceress, Witch Hunter)
  • 4 new Catacomb Lords (Hydra, Orc Warchief, Shape Shifter, Queen of the Underworld)
  • new shot types

Over 60 new cards:

  • 12 new Monsters from all 4 monster families with over 10 new monster abilities giving the Overseer many new tactical options
  • 18 new Items including some for the Heroes from the original Catacombs game
  • new Rooms and Special Room cards

10 "1000 gold" currency cards

Catacombs:  Cavern of Soloth expansion requires the base Catacombs game to play.

Download the Catacombs:  Cavern of Soloth manual as a PDF

Read the official Catacombs Rule FAQ here

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