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What is Star Wars: Armada ?

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Star Wars Armada is a thematic, 2 player strategy miniaturegame published by Fantasy Flight Games in where you assume the role of a fleet admiral serving either the Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance.

You can customize and assemble your fleet within the point limits given and then use it to engage your enemy. The game uses a very unique way on how you move your capital ships across the 3' x 6' (91.5cm x 182cm) battlefield and also depicts the squadron combat that comes with it.

Everything in Star Wars: Armada come preassembled and prepainted and can be played right out of the box.

A game between 2 experienced players takes normally at lest 1 1/2 - 2 hours and goes over 6 rounds.


For whom is this game ?

If you like deep strategy games then this might be interesting for you. There's no other game currently that emphasizes forward thinking as much with elegant game design as much as Armada does. The theme of course also helps if you are a Star Wars Fan.
What differentiates this from other miniature games is that it's coming all prepainted and preassembled, yet you get the fullblown experience of a very deep, extremely thematic Game for a very fair price.
So far the game seemed to be able to bridge the interests from relatively casual players up to the very competitive ones due to having a very clever, modern and streamlined game design.


And who should avoid it ?

If you can't see yourself playing on a fairly large area (91.5cm x 183cm) then this game is probably not for you, it's unfortunately not really suitable for kitchentable games unless you have a big one.
If you are looking for a quick (<1hour) Star Wars skirmish game that you can pack out and play then this might be to much on the heavy side and you probably should look into X-Wing.
List building is an essential part of this game, if you are not interested in finding out interesting combinations and fleets off the board then you're missing out on a big part of the fun.

If you hate Star Wars there's also going to be a problem.


How much does it cost ?

Contrary to X-Wing it's not recommended to get 2 Basesets in most of the cases. 1 Baseset will cost you around 100.-- but that's not really enough to get you really started and play the full game. You CAN get 1 or 2 introduction games in but you will soon want more as it's really just good for that. If you want to invest an absolute minimum to be able to play a full 300pt game with one faction (one Basegame covers you roughly for 180pt) you're probably looking at 1 baseset and 2-3 additional ships from each faction you want to play. This ends up somewhere in the 200.-- - 250.-- depending on wether you want to expand your fleet with more squadrons for more variety.

Depending on where you are coming from, this seems either expensive (as a casual boardgamer) or really cheap (as a miniaturegamer). If i look at the playtime that i personally had this is probably one of the best investments i have amongst all the games i've bought so far. If you like this game you will find alot of enjoyment to be had for a long time.


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