Membership / Playing games at Wellplayed

If you visit our place to play games more frequently these options might be suitable for you:


First time Visit:
Entry: CHF 8.-


Membership grants free entry for a set duration for frequent visitors, or are a way to support the community:

1 Month: CHF 30.-*
1 Year (12 Months): CHF 300.- (2 months for free)
Worth it if you visit more than 3 times / month

Members have priority access to all store events; get access to our downstairs lockers and unlimited free coffee and tea.

*Wellplayed aims to have at least an attendable amount of 13 events / month in average over the period of a year.

Food & Drinks

All soft drinks:       CHF 4.-
Coffee / Tea:          CHF 3.-
Snacks:                  CHF 2.50

* Entrance fee is only applicable if you come to play games. Visiting the store to buy products is free of course. First visit is free.

If you have questions about the membership, you can also directly contact us under or via our discord server