LCG Subscriptions

What is a LCG Subscription ?

An LCG subscription ensures that you get your packs / releases for your favourite Living Card Game System guaranteed first and as quick as possible without you having to place an order every time, we do that for you:

  • Your packs are automatically reserved from the incoming stock and are prioritized first before anyone else. This means in the case of limited stock you have the highest chance of getting your stuff.
  • There's no prepayment necessary.
  • You are automatically notified when a pack arrives for you.
  • You can cancel a subscription at any time.


Available Systems for Subscriptions


Subscription Levels


  • Small chapter packs (normally 6 per cycle)
  • Deluxe expansions (normally 1 per cycle)


  • Small chapter packs (normally 6 per cycle)
  • Deluxe expansions (normally 1 per cycle)
  • World Champion Decks (once per year, world champion decks etc.) or additional Material like books, you can mentione what you want to have included when you subscribe.

Option 1: Pickup (Default)

  • All packs are held back until they are picked up by you in the store or until you order a post sending (costs extra 9.50)

Option 2: Normal post.

  • Unless otherwise instructed packs will be sent in batches of 3. Each sending costs 9.50 automatically.

Option 3: Premium post

  • Each release will be sent out (and billed) immediately as soon as it arrives for 9.50 each. Makes sense if you combine multiple subscriptions for friends or different systems

Option 4: Custom

  • If you want to have a custom arrangement (sending entire cycles for instance etc.) just let me know we can work something out.



You will be automatically billed in advance whenever there's at least 3 chapters packs / 1 deluxe expansions announced. If you have a running subscription your packs are reserved for you either way, even in the unlikely case of you not having a bill yet.

One week before official release dates packs are considered to be ordered definitely, you can cancel your subscription at any time before that at no extra cost no matter how many packs you have received already.

All packs will be booked as being a pickup order directly at the store unless you have a postage subscription, see above.

If you can't pick up your stuff, you can also have it sent regardless by letting us know, in that case you just pay postage (9.50) as normal afterwards (will be billed next time).


How to Sign up

Send an email to letting us know which system(s) and levels of subscription you would like to have, if we don't have your contact data yet also include a mobile number that has got WhatsApp so you'll be notified immediately when something new arrives for you.