Custom Token Jobs for Flames of War (Or Similar Products)

How to Order

Write an Email with your specifications to, preferrably including a picture of reference on what you would like to have engraved and on what material (see below), the more specific you are the quicker i can reply to you wether it's doable and how it will look like.
Don't forget to add how many sets (30 tokens each) you wish to have and your shipping adress. If we come to an agreement you will be provided an online invoice that you can pay by paypal or bank transfer, to your preference.


20mm in Diameter, 3mm Thickness, Green Acrylic

20mm Diameter, 3mm Thickness, Maple Veneer

20mm Diameter, 3mm, Orange See Through


Machinery / Material

All Tokens are cut on a high precision Laser Cutter from Trotec (Industrial Standard) with an egraving DPI of up to 1000dpi

Available Materials are various colours of Acrylic and Wood Veneer


Available Colors:

Green (Solid, non see Through)
Red (Solid non see Through)
Blue (Solid non See Through)
Black (Solid, non See Through)
Grey (Solid, non See Through)
Orange (See Through)

Maple Wood Veneer
Walnut Wood Veneer


Standard Price:

Prices for a Custom Job include the design of one Token according to your specifications. Please make sure to contact me on for a description of what you want, with which material.

40 CHF Custom Job (not existing tokens yet) for 30 Tokens with the same engraving.

25 CHF Reordering Existing 30 x Tokens or Ordering 2 Sets of a Custom Job.



10 CHF Internationally per Sending

5 CHF Swiss Customers

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