Downloads for the new custommade character Cards by Batman the miniatures game. If you spot any mistakes please let me know on

These are free regardless for everyone from here on out and in the future. Personal use only, do not sell or use these cards in any commercial form whatsoever.

Suggested Printsize:

300DPI, so 21cm x 15cm, or in inches 8.3 x 6

How to use

Those cards require a bit more space if you print them out than the current ones but you can chose to overlap them like so:

Dot Marking:

The little dots below the attributes allow you to use just 4 markers (or magnets on a metal table, or laminate and write on it) per character card. Here's an example of the Comedian allocating 2 MC / 2 AC and 3 Defense:



If you wish to donate something to support my work you can do so here, either way everything on this page is free!:


These downloads are separated by a characters ranks at the moment, if you want to find a specific card find out it's rank first.



Free Agents*


* recently updated

Example Card:


14.03.2016 some fixes for the following characters (thx for the feedback!):
Swamp Thing, Batman Animated Series, The Comedian
Huntress / Katana / Black Canary / High Court Member / Benjamin Orchard Added

11.03.2016 Both Deathstrokes, Both Poison Ivy (+ 3 Plants), Harley Quinn Sidekick, Mr. Hammer, Joker's Daughter, Arkham Knight, Swamp Thing, Scarecrow, Hawkgirl and probably more i forgot...

05.03.2016 ALL Possible Batman Sidekicks added

04.03.2016 Green Arrow / Leader / Sidekick added

01.03.2016 All Joker - Leaders added

29.02.2016 All Batman - Leaders added

28.02.2016 Added all Watchmen Cards