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“I choose family.”
–Tristan Wren, Star Wars Rebels

From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War and beyond, war is constant part of the Star Wars™ galaxy. While some shy away from these conflicts, others embrace them, making battle a part of their very being. These proud warriors thrive on combat, carrying on their martial traditions through countless generations.  

Now, two units with a history of warfare are entering the battle for the fate of the galaxy. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce two new special forces units for Star Wars™: Legion:

Bringing together iconic characters and elite agents for both the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, these units stand ready to uphold their reputations as some of the galaxy’s finest warriors. As you integrate them into your armies, you’ll also find a variety of customization options that allow you to match their look to the role they take in battle.

 Read on for more information about these expansions!

Mandalore Rising

Madalorians are proud warriors whose martial traditions stretch back centuries. Among this storied people, the members of Clan Wren are legendary for their battlefield prowess. With the Galactic Empire dividing the great houses of Mandalore, Clan Wren unites with the Rebellion to fight for a free galaxy and the liberation of Mandalore.

Speeding across the battlefield with their jet packs, members of the Mandalorian Resistance can back up your forces anywhere on the battlefield. Even if they find themselves at long range, a volley of Jetpack Rockets can soften a target before they swoop in to finish it off. If this firepower isn’t enough, Clan Wren itself can take the field, working alongside the Rebel operative Sabine Wren to overcome their foes.

Within the Clan Wren Unit Expansion, you’ll find seven highly customizable Mandalorian miniatures—enough to deploy in two distinct units. Three of these miniatures blast off from their bases with jet packs and flight stands let you decide their height and trajectory—including Tristan Wren, who wields a blaster rifle from his time as an Imperial Super Commando. Meanwhile, a single Mandalorian trooper can wield the traditional beskad saber or appear with a single Westar 35 blaster pistol. Finally, Clan Wren matriarch Ursa Wren leads her family into battle with her signature Nite Owl helmet.

We’ll take a closer look at everything in this expansion in a future preview!

Spread Like Fire

Imperial special forces units are masters of infiltration, extraction, and combat in any environment. Inferno Squad has distinguished itself from even these elite units, proving to be particularly effective at protecting—or burying—the Empire’s secrets and eliminating any threat to its reign.

Tasked with completing specialized stealth missions such as retrieving vital intelligence and destroying key targets, Imperial special forces troopers are adept with an array of weaponry, including the T-21 Blaster . Inferno Squad is particularly notorious for its unconventional tactics and its members—including Gideon Hask and Del Meeko—can lend their specialized skills to number of Imperial units.

No matter what unit you assign them to, the seven unpainted hard plastic Imperial Special Forces miniatures you find in this expansion arrive in a variety of poses. One of these troopers can be assembled with either a T-21 blaster rifle or an E-11 blaster rifle. If you’re assembling Inferno Squad to work alongside Iden Versio, separate Gideon Hask and Del Meeko miniatures can be assembled with or without their signature helmets and Meeko enters battle carrying a DLT-19x sniper rifle.

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