Wave 2 (engl.) available

Wave 2 (engl.) available

It's finally here... i wanted to share some pictures with you, i hope you are equally excited about this as i am, the new models are fantastic!!!

December 08, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin

SAGA Happened! Battlereport (sort of)

Today some casual 4 Point games in the Shop happened... not alot of Pictures saw the light of the day but the ones that i did take were kinda cool.

Nevertheless the game is really exciting, fresh and rather short and casual. So we played Crusaders against my 4p Normans starter Warband. Learnings were pretty simple... do not place your Warlord so far up. After round one he ate dirt and my other units were hurting really bad already.

Looking forward to get more action in on this fun skirmish game.

November 26, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin
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Wave 2 arrived at the FFG Warehouse! Expected date to ship 03/04.12.2015

Wave 2's status has just changed to "Shipping"!!!

From the FFG Website: "The product is being shipped from the FFG warehouse in Minnesota to stores and distributors. This process takes between 7-10 days for the US, or a few days longer in Canada."

If the estimates from our Distributor are correct we arrive our products to arrive on the 3rd or 4th of December. We will keep you posted.



November 16, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin

Shut up & Sit Down reviews Wave 2

So Shut up and Sit down just released this very cool to read review about Wave 2. We highly encourage you to read it while we still wait for our beloved toys!


November 11, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin
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Aktion: 10% Rabatt auf gesamtes Bolt Action Sortiment

Bolt Action vom 31.10.2015 - 06.11.2015 um zusätzliche 10% reduziert!

October 31, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin
Feldherr Armada Transport added

Feldherr Armada Transport added

October 28, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin

Essen 2015 Report: Blood Rage / Star Wars!

Bloodrage Demo Game

We had a chance to playtest Blood Rage at Essen at our 2nd day while we had no luck the day before.

The game itself looks gorgeous as we already knew from pictures so we were abit afraid of the gaming system to be flawed as it borrowed some elements from games that seem to be problematic in certain areas. Those fears were quickly washed away when we got into the game.

I was personally very impressed by how easy the rules are to learn. Within 15-20 minutes you heard it all and i could imagine that with a group of 4 experienced players you get the playtime within 60 minutes even.

I had a blast even though it was just the first game but i was impressed by how fluent the game moved around and played out. There was alot of agression happening on the gameboard - you cannot turtle yourself in by design, there's just dead vikings left and right and even though the turns are not simultaneous i never felt that i had to wait for any considerable amount of time.

I suggest to check out the reviews on Boardgame Geek for a more indepth insight in the mechanics, i couldn't do that any better but i know now at least that this game will be a hit. It's a really well designed game with alot of action and lots of different approaches to victory.

For me personally a day 1 purchase. And yes i'm not just saying that because we sell it: http://wellplayed.ch/products/blood-rage-engl?variant=4805637124


Some more impressions:


Wave 2 sighted!

Nothing big to report here except... we saw the new Wave 2 models, and yeah... the ISD is really big, pictures don't do it justice but maybe you can see from the picture how much bigger it is compared to the Gladiator next to it. I was so excited for seeing it that i completely forgot to take pictures of Home one and the Mc30c. But they also looked awesome, especially the latter one.

Bonus: The small models from rogues & villains look rather detailed for their size, here's a picture of the Millenium Falcon up close:


X-Wing Imperial Assault Carrier

No words needed here, might not be canon but hey, it looks awesome!

October 11, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin

Wave 2 Unboxing Videos!

Some very cool unboxing / review Videos for Wave 2 Ladies & Gentlemen!

ISD & Raider:

Rogues & Villains Pack:

Home one & MC30:

Estimated date of arrival is still End of October / Mid of November, we'll keep you posted. So long!!!

October 07, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin
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2 Gems we look forward at from Essen Spiel 2015!

Blood Rage

We are going to playtest this bad boy at Essen next week. Should be available around 28th of November!
Very excited after the reviews on Boardgamegeek!





Eclipse: Shadow of the Rift

Also looking forward to get our hands on the Eclipse Expansion Shadow of the Rift (2015), the new races and mechanism look interesting to say the least.



October 02, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin

Bolt Action Arrived!

Ein Teil des Bolt Action Inventars ist angekommen!

Bolt Action Inventory

October 01, 2015 — Benjamin Tharin